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Neil Alldrin
Public displays

Ezekiel Bhasker

Robert Boyer

Steven Brown
Chief Architect, Native client (.NET), Geospatial algorithms, Server optimization, Web master

Tim Foley
Native client (.NET) for PocketPC, Pen-based communication

William G. Griswold (project contact)

Adriene Jenik (art contact)
Art Director

Wen Lin
Geospatial mapping

Charles Lucas
Native client (.NET) notification (push)

Neil McCurdy
Multimedia over wireless

Patrick Neill
6th College Liaison

Etienne Pelaprat

Patricia Shanahan
Digital graffiti, Data analysis, Industrial design

Sunjeev Sikand

Ryan Sit
Context-aware photography

Hall of Fame

Jean Aw, Gregory Jay, R. Ben Shapiro, Linhchi Tang, Tan Minh Truong, Rommel Pesigan, Jadine Yee, Justin Lee, Steve Lau, Daniel Wittmer, Antje Petzold, Jason Chen, Andrew Emmett, Joseph Chow, Gabe Littman, Lin Liu, Deborah Forster, Ryan Persaud, David Harbottle, Matt Ratto, Jolene Truong, Jeremy Weir, Steve Gos sin, Jennifer Chai.

Special thanks

Dan Henderson (UCSD Geisel Library)
San Diego maps

David Hutches (Cal-(IT)2)
System and Networking Administration

Roger Andersen, Robert Clossin, and Kirk Belles (UCSD's Facilities Office)
Campus Maps

Debbie Mowry-Emison, Ray Alexander, Valerie Polichar, and Jim Madden
(Academic Computing Services and Network Operations)
Device Configuration and Management, Networking

ActiveCampus team photo, Summer 2002
ACE team picture