ActiveCampus Explorer native client (ACE)

The native .NET client for ActiveCampus Explorer, ACE, is available for download for Windows and Linux as well as in source code.


ActiveCampus Explorer - 0.3.5

NOTE: ACE does not currently work on Win95/98/ME, and geolocation is only supported on WinXP.

NOTE: .NET Service Pack 1 breaks ACE. A workaround is underway, but until then, be aware of this pitfall.


ActiveCampus Explorer - 0.3.5

NOTE: ACE on Linux requires Mono to run. The HTML portion of ACE might not yet work on your distribution, meaning much ActiveCampus functionality might be missing.

NOTE: If you have a version of Mozilla earlier than 1.7.3, or FireFox earlier than 1.0PR, if you view no HTML tabs in the application and exit, an exception will be raised.


ActiveCampus Explorer repository

The source code to ACE and the ActiveCampus library is available under the following license from our repository, as well as the soure code to some libraries it uses (which have their own licenses). The repository is a Subversion server, so you can access it via HTML (or viewcvs), WebDAV (network folders), or a Subversion client.